Sunday, August 31, 2008

Singaporeans to help fight Malaysian Blog Ban

news blog: Singaporeans to help fight Malaysian Blog Ban

Tun Dr. M slams BN Govt for banning Blog
Malaysia Today ban is a blog by famous royal member blogger Mr. Raja Petra Karmarudin, who had been charged for sedition and his blog had been blocked by Malaysian government this week.

As my own token to support Malaysian Bloggers and Reformasi movement, I just setup a quasi mirror site at and I just tested it working from Singapore. I am asking those within Malaysia now to help me test if that works in Malaysia & spread it out to the Malaysian who had been unable to read Mr. Raja Petra's Malaysia Today website. :-)

This mirror is in USA within server and domain under myself.

I am calling other Singaporeans to do similar support to Malaysian bloggers and fighters, help them now, and later we will need them to help us. This healthy collaboration must get started.


Lets help each other.

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