Sunday, October 5, 2008

NTU Students Protested at Speakers' Corner

I recorded few hundred Mega Bytes of videos at Speakers' Corner this afternoon for a protest staged by some students from Nanyang Technological University, but I have no bandwidth right now to upload them yet, since I am still occupied with uploading videos of Mr. JBJ's funeral. I will upload at least the MP3 audio if not the video. It is quite substantial amount of data and will need long time to upload.

The students had a large banner made crudely and placed on ground of the field. And they had delivered speeches, while having many many cameras to record them all. It began at about 1630Hr and lasted beyond 1800Hr.

The protest was made against NTU's internal publications' censorship regarding a news reporting some visits made by SDP's Dr. CSJ recently in campus.

This is a very positive sign that students are getting more vocal and active and that they received support from activists and received attention of media. I encourage the students to continue to stand up for what they can identify as unfairness and faults that need to be voiced out against. :-)

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