Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Vision to Overcome Totalitarian Print & Broadcast Controls

Inspired by HongKong Activists' FM102.8 efforts, I decided to write out some concepts to share with fellow activists of the region & the world here.

In the limited experience of Singaporean activists, we found that Internet is the easiest platform to over Totalitarian media controls. Our famiLEE LEEgime had for more than a decade tried in vain to fight down Cyber Activism. They will never win, and so far in our meetings with regional activists situations in Asia share a varied degree of similarities. In Singapore we look to fight out after the Cyber platform towards print & broadcast media, which are the remaining 2 last platforms that famiLEE LEEgime still clutch full control.

In examples of HongKong Indonesia & Philippines it could be the case that make-shift FM stations can be easy to setup and harder for Totalitarian Regimes to rid, in Taiwan under-ground cable TV nicked Forth Channel had in more than a decade back survived KMT Totalitarian Regime's banning and disruptions and got legalized after the fall of KMT Totalitarian Regime.

My view is to adopt the strategy of expanding activist controlled advantage from one media platform over to others. That in the case of Singapore is to divert efforts to transform the already reach political contents of Internet into Print & Broadcast media, especially during election period or other high contention period.

famiLEE LEEgime had in 2006 General Election banned Podcast and Internet Campaigning. This is the first area that Singaporean activists have to defy and counter-attack in all future elections. Internet platform must be FULLY UTILIZED by activists, if not in campaign for opposition, must be attacking Totalitarian LEEgime directly instead of promoting any opposition candidate. This can be done individually with totally no affiliation with any political party. Internet gallop poll, surveys, exit polls must be carried out defying all the banning laws of Totalitarian LEEgime. Doing this widely and internationally, LEEgime will not win in banning nor enforcing against Internet. International activist collaboration efforts and networking is the essential key wining strategy.

The very first break point into print media is to utilize advanced and high speed laser printers copiers. I had done that during 2006 General Election when famiLEE LEEgime abused lawsuits to sue our printers into submission and apology. 2 High Speed Copier / Printers were hired used in the entire campaign to continue printing news letters and election materials from which famiLEE LEEgime were suing regarding the NKF scandal we published. We continued to print / copy / publish the news letters for sale to raise funds for the elections' campaign activities. Without doing so the funds for rallies & expenses will be quite impossible.

Acquire High Speed Copier / Printers & installing in multiple locations, to produce / reproduce the rich political contents from Internet and books is one key direction that I pointed out and stress. This is the direct hit to overcome famiLEE LEEgime's print media control. Either distribute freely or sell the prints in every form possible, news letters, booklets or leaflets. Bring the messages to the public who are not accessing the Internet.

The technology in High Speed Copier / Printers is already very advanced and efficient as well as low cost. We must not overlook this advantage. The way to print out & copy contents from Cyber platform is very easy and straight forward as well as efficient. Skill is commonly mastered, and having prior DTP experience is not crucial.

Beside the printed media platform, we must look also into hitting out at broadcast platform, in FM & even TV. Audio & Video political contents are already vast and rich in the Cyber platform which we enjoy advantage to develop in the past decade. Similarly the technology to copy / transfer / relay these audio & video contents from Internet into broadcast platform is easily available at very reasonable cost.

I shared some advanced concepts of distributed FM relays which can be similarly applied to TV.

Tiny mobile relay boxes can be made easily and cheaply in large number and be inter-connected via Internet or GSM telephone network BOTH. Together they form an indestructible distributed network dispersed in the country. Therefore the Totalitarian Regimes will not be able to find any single place to raid and disrupt the boardcast.

Relay boxes are simple FM modulators or TV/ Video modulators, coupled with signal strength booster & antennas essentially. Can be powered by mains or batteries. They are low cost, light, simple and mobile. They can be made disposable, cost well below S$100 each. Connected they are fed either with audio with or without video signals via Internet podcast / video-cast or GSM telephone networks widely available.

Example popular household appliances that can be modified to make these relay boxes includes:

  1. FM Microphones
  2. Video Senders
  3. Antenna Signal Boosters
  4. ipod modulators
  5. Car modulators
  6. Home video modulator
  7. RF Amplifier
Station Programming & Broadcast server can be located outside the control of Totalitarian Regime in other countries, remotely operated via Internet. The cost of such facility is not too much more than a dedicated server, and FOC open source software are available to set them up. Basically like many FM stations in the USA which are one-man-show broadcasting 24hr x 365days. They remotely upload program contents via Internet or networks, and schedule their broadcast for weeks of programs in advance, and the scheduled media contents just feed to the radio broadcast accordingly without any person manning fully time.

To form up a relay broadcasting network via Internet, any single PC / Laptop connected to Internet receiving the live web-cast can be directly connected to a relay box to broadcast to a neighborhood several km in radius, this is the basic of a single node. Hundreds of these nodes make up the entire network. Similarly audio via GSM network can be fed from any GSM cellphone to a relay box forming a single node. These nodes can be fix location or even mobile. Similarly fixed line telephone can be fed to relay boxes. A mini relay port can be made of e.g. 10 fixed line, with digital answering machines connected to an Internet PC, this facility can both relay programs outwards to fixed lines as well as record call-in from people who wants to their voices on air, such a mini relay port can be as small as with only one home telephone line and board band connected PC. It can be also mobile with laptop and mobile phone in a WiFi serviced cafe such as McDonalds in Singapore. :-)

The above mentioned elements can be connected up flexibly & dynamically to form a distributed / dispersed broadcast network in any urban or even rural countries. The concept is my contribution, and the main features are low cost, effective and hard for Totalitarian Regimes to destroy / disrupt. Such a network can be quickly implemented, easily expended, and modified in many ways. It will be pain in the ass for any Totalitarian Regimes not just Lee Kuan Yew's famiLEE LEEgime :-)

The main reason I wrote this is to share with as many activists as possible. I hope our limited experience in Singapore will help people else where to fight against dictators and Totalitarians globally. I thank those who had been helping us Singaporeans in our fight. Lets pass on the favors to more people who need it. :-)

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