Tuesday, March 24, 2009

李敖 sponsored US$1000 in support to blogger who paid a big price

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郭冠英:政治出櫃 李敖捐一千美金聲援

更新日期:2009/03/24 18:35


獲 知遭免職的郭冠英接受媒體訪問時透露,當年江南案時,他偷偷將政府機密文件交江南家屬去打官司,在當時是背叛政府的行為,但時代改變之後,證明他這是愛國 的行為。而他原本「只想好好吃口飯、偷偷摸摸地愛國」,現在承認自己就是范蘭欽,是政治出櫃、是以真名來愛國。郭冠英:『我被逼出來以真名來愛國,而不是 像過去的20年,我是隱名埋姓的在愛國,就是這麼樣的不同,至於被逼出來真名的愛國,就像政治出櫃。』

郭冠英並說,范蘭欽的言論只是知識份 子發抒個人想法、對社會批評,是盼望盼中華民國能夠存在得更好,雖然他因此被免職,但他視為是國家的恩典,也是堅持作為一個中國人的回報。郭冠英:『我這 可以說是國家對我的恩典,最後可以說是我作為一個,堅持作一個中國人的回報,我不怪任何人,我非常滿意。』

郭冠英強調,他熱愛中華民國,恨 的是台獨的理念,他對新聞局及整個政府毫無怨言,他說今天如果換他是新聞局長,在壓力之下,對范蘭欽事件也會做出同樣的決定。但他也質疑「蓄意欺瞞」與 「言行不當」是否已達足以記兩大過免職的程度,他表示月底前會返回台灣,會把事情說清楚,並循體制提出申覆,即使申訴不成,他相信,在中華民國仍然可以找 到一口飯吃。

Famous Taiwanese politician Li Ao 李敖 sponsored US$1000 in support of a cyber-activist Mr. Guo Guan Ying 郭冠英 who paid a huge price this month to lose his senior civil servant post and pension of few hundred thousand.

Mr. Guo is blogger strongly supporting Pan-Blue-Camp and oppose the Independence of Taiwan. He had been in the past 20 years wrote and blog online with secretive moniker of Fan Lan Qin 范兰钦. He took very strong position and firmly attacked his opponents in the Pan-Green-Camp or pro-Independence Camp. These online activities does not fit his sensitive official career as a news bureau leason diplomatic officier in Canada. It is very sensitive especially President Ma Ying Jiu is strongly against the politics between Taiwanese from Taiwan vs other Provinces.

Mr Guo's cyber-oppnents had recently exposed his identity and proved who he is. which after brief initial denial he had bravely admitted. Upon his admittance of his secrative blogger monika he had been dismissed from his high civil servant post due to so called Improper Public Conducts. He paid a big price for his Cyber Activism.

It is common even in Singapore for Bloger & Cyber Activists to pay one form of price or another. E.g. Mr. Gopalan Nair. Mr. Nair also received some form of support and sponsorship for his contributions, I call the Singaporeans to further support him.

When this kind of supports continues it motivate the fighters to go further and longer against the corrupted and incompetent famiLEE LEEgime :-)

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