Friday, April 18, 2008

In famiLEE LEEgime's Court on 16.April.2008

Was in famiLEE LEEgime's court on 16.April.2008 for the 2 charges they framed on me regarding Tak Boleh Tahan Protest. This was a Pre-Trial Conference.

For the 3rd straight time in the court, I repeated my demands to the famiLEE LEEgime and had the judge took note of these:

  • Give me the list of evidence
  • Give me the list of witnesses
  • Give me the copies of mata videos (they got 2 cameras) to be admitted as evidence
  • Return the mata seized handphones unless you can show relevance and use as evidence
I showed the judge a receipt of mata seizure including not one but 2 of my handphones, and batteries and SIM cards, plus my video camera tripod.

I told the judge regarding handphones:

  • I have 2 prepaid SIM cards deducting pre-stored values daily, costing me $$$
  • When values ran out I will lost my telephone numbers
  • I have contact list of lawyers inside my phone needed for my defend, it compromised my defend in obstruction of justice to take my phones away from me
  • I am not able to contact my defense lawyers nor they could reach me
  • My business customers unable to contact me
  • I need telephone number to reach my witnesses for this case
In previous Pre-Trial Conference, I asked the judge to rule a date by which the prosecution have to complete their claimed on the handphones, which are totally irrelevant. That by this day they are to return the phone or tell the court what are the phones' relevance to this case of alleged illegal assembly and procession.

The famiLEE LEEgime's court sided their incompetent mata & AGC. Didn't rule anything.

On 16.April.2008, the judge still did rule, when I raised that again. And judge side the prosecution to buy time - another 3 weeks adjourned till 6.May.2008 for further Pre-Trial Conference.

I had initially no objection to that. However it came to the issue of my bond / bail, I changed my mind. :-)

The AGC used their lame excuse to buy time, claiming that there are additional 7 persons being investigated for this case, claiming a total of 19, instead of 12 person involving in this case. They asked for more time.

I asked the judge to rule that I am to be waiting for trial without posting bond nor bail for these reasons:

  • I am very confident of acquittal for this case
  • I have dozen of witnesses to prove that I am not involved in alleged assembly& procession
  • I am pursuing against mata for wrongful arrest, wrongful confinement / detention
  • I am pursuing against mata for unnecessary restrain upon arrest
  • I am dedicated to fight famiLEE LEEgime on this cause there is no way I want to avoid the trial
  • The charge is frivolous and vexatious only for MAX S$1000 fines
  • All the other 11 arrested persons on this same case were originally on mata bail but lapsed and no longer on any bond - so why should I be on any bond?
I cited constitutional equal protection clause to say that it is discriminatory to put me on a bond.

The familEE LEEgime AGC and mata so far could not answer to any of my advances, kept evading and buying time, and the judge still sided them.

I told the judge then I am against the further delays as I want the case to be heard ASAP and be done with for myself, no more buying time by famiLEE LEEgime. I told the judge to record that due to the bond / bail I was unable to travel to Malaysia to pay respect and conduct maintenance on the graves of my uncle and granny during the customary QingMing which past about 2 weeks ago. Unless the do away with the bond.

The judge said I could make application to travel, but I already mentioned that I needed it immediately in the chamber, no reply was given to me by judge nor AGC. Sort of neglected my application made!

I told the court that I then preferred to have the bond canceled and I asked to be put in my QRP resort for number of days the judge thinks sufficient to cover 2 charges of each MAX S$1000 fines, after that be released without any bond. I don't mind to serve sentence before even they could manage to convict me. :-) The judge said can not do that! Note that I had already spent 48hours in Cantonment mata chu from 15.Mar.2008 to 17.Mar.2008.

What I plan to do is this, if the lame famiLEE LEEgime does not return all the seized handphones by 6.May.2008, I will refuse any further bonds and refuse to leave the court on 6.May.2008 asking to be kept in QRP :-) and I will begin hunger-strike in prison against their abuse of powers.

Like it was said today by Mr. JBJ at his Reform Party press conference, THE RULE OF LAW IS NONE IN EXISTENCE here.

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Saturday, April 5, 2008

I support "Dare To Document : Political Films by Singaporeans"

A report of even posted by sdpophobia on Sammyboymod

I was invited by fellow activists to that private screening on 29.Mar.2008 attended by dozens of people. Initially my reply to the invitation was that I could not attend on that scheduled evening because I was expecting to be in famiLEE LEEgime's jail for case of Election Speeches with Dr. CSJ, but the case is now delayed till 11.April.2008 so I attended the screening of the 3 films. I found myself missing the date for filing my reply, but I will make application to allow me to file it late still.

It is interesting to watch these films that flashed back my unforgettable memories of them, I was part of all these 3 activism events which took place here in Singapore. I must congratulate these film and video activists, they did really well. And they did some really useful documentations for Singapore.

My call to Singaporean youth is to come out and take part with the activists, there is surely a role that you can contribute. Becoming a Video & film activist is one of the way. I suggested that film and video activists wear a sort of cargo vest painted with wordings printed in front and back such as "Citizen Journalist" or "Video Blogger", this will safeguard your interest and privilege similar with members of media, by clearly declaring your role. All you need is digital camera or handphone with camera built-in.

Our Singaporean video & film activists are doing very well and I am seeing their numbers growing as time goes by. There is a great experience pool to be tapped. I am not just supporting these guys, I am also doing videos on my blogs as well. One of the most exciting event I filmed recently is Tak Boleh Tahan protest. :-)

The tiny video clip posted in this blog page is one that I shot of the private screening on 29.Mar.2008 at the Post Museum.

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