Saturday, May 17, 2008

[One Nation Under LEE]- a famiLEE Movie FOC

Higher Quality (350MB) Version:

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Largest highest quality (590MB) Version:

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(590MB) - smooth playback unaffected by slow internet speed.

By Honest Production 2008.

About the size of a 5 cent coin, this very tiny and slim card can contain 25 copies of the above movie. There is no film nor disc, it is too tiny that MDA's censorship sticker will never fit! The famiLEE LEEgime's film censorship law is INVALIDATED by today's multimedia technology. The lame bastards don't know what to do. And what did they tried? (click) THIS! :-)

Latest: Make your own (full & original but ilLEEgal) DVD:
  1. download this ZIP file (1.6GB)
  2. Unzip into ISO file (how)
  3. Burn into DVDs (how)
  4. Print DVD labels below (optional)
  5. distribute to friends (must)

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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Calling SGP Cyber Community to Support & Join Hands with Malaysian Bloggers

News Malaysian Blogger Charged
News Malaysian Blogger's PC seized

I am calling Singaporean Cyber Community to pay attention to above matter, and lend a supportive voice and gesture concern. Cyber Communities of Singapore and Malaysia must stay on mutual watch and guard for each other. Cross learning and observations as well as mutual supports will become very valuable in the near future.

Oppressions suffered by both Singaporean and Malaysian Cyber Communities are alike, and our fights are very similar in nature. It would be stupid if we just fight so independently.

Voice up for any matter that is unfair, keep watch on anything that are sensitive. Observe and learn and help each other e.g. in technical aspects.

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